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Primordial is Primitive is a brand founded in 2014. The idea and belief has always been to create a basic but at the same time highly sought-after collection. All products are designed and manufactured in Italy, specifically in Modena. At the base of the project there is great effort in researching and using only natural and high quality materials and fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, viscose, wool, bamboo, etc. also primitive and primordial just like the concept on which it is focused on the brand.

The brand in its productions makes use of the most refined traditions of Italian tailoring to guarantee excellent quality and a sovereign care of even the smallest details. Much attention is also paid to washing and the mix of fabrics used to create unique and exclusive garments. Primordial is Primitive offers a wide range of eco-chic items with pure, essential and minimalist dimensions such as jackets and blazers, coats, trousers, shorts, sweaters, shirts and t-shirts without neglecting accessories.

Its lines and its fit, very refined and avant-garde, together with the attention to the right price make Primordial is Primitive an easy to wear label. Prêt-à-porter creations with a great personality aimed at a competent public, sought after who also wants in the choice of basic garments that extra emotion. The brand presents its new collections at the Milan and Paris Fashion Week and can be found in selected boutiques around the world.

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