POTOLONE is an Italian brand founded in Genoa in 2014. The inventor Jorge Reale, after having gained years of experience in the jewellery sector, has decided to give life to an exclusive project whose philosophy is based on the search for innovative materials of first quality to be able to create accessories with a modern and contemporary design. The collections see natural stones in the most varied shapes, colours and processes as their protagonist.

The designer in the creation of the products does not draw inspiration from the single seasonality, but rather from a global vision of the current world where it is enough to take a plane to pass in a few hours from hot to cold or vice versa. For this reason the brand has a single collection whose products in with their various facets are adaptable to every condition and outfit. In POTOLONE products, ranging from bracelets to necklaces and trouser chains, every detail is studied in detail and nothing is left to chance.

The POTOLONE articles contain a small parchment inside careful packing, which shows the meaning of the stone making up the product so that everyone can choose their own accessory also according to their personality and mood. POTOLONE takes great care of the people who choose its creations by offering a prolonged guarantee of the products, obviously handmade with the quality that only the “Made in Italy” can give.

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