OBJECT is mainly born to give to life an abstract approach towards the design of fashion, characterised from its origins coming from dark aesthetic influence. Unique limited edition handmade pieces, are created in the UK studio, by the designer Ryan Heard. Every material is chosen individually, and clothes are all handmade with high quality level. A mix of manual and unique seams techniques, for special dye treatment, is key in creating avant-garde items of clothing, able in bringing back emotions towards them who wear it.

Object’s limited edition footwear are designed in the UK but made entirely in Italy, in the Marche region, heart of the Italian excellences national shoe industry. The use of technique and processes, tested to last, and the use of the best materials, creates footwear of very high quality. The colours are entirely handmade. Furthermore, water washing, pebble polishing and specific brushing, are all characteristics that lend to a more unforgettable look. Even hats are shaped individually and handmade with specific attention towards dyeing to the smallest detail. Every Object’s product aim to be unique and special.

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