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Never Enough was born from the creative flair of Salvatore Nigordi who, after years of working in the textile field, decided to invest in his passion and creating a conceptual brand in which clothes were not only considered as clothes but as ways of life. Never Enough is born, a sophisticated and sought-after brand that encourages each of us to build our own look, with an anti-conventional style that calls for freedom.

Original shapes, special cuts and visionaries combined with a wide choice of materials shape a unique way of dressing, with a recognizable personality, in a world without barriers. Never Enough is a sophisticated and sought-after brand, always looking for new top quality materials to use in their creations. The study of the perfect mix of fabrics, colours and washes is today the strong point of the brand. The collections are produced between Italy, Portugal and Hong Kong, places very dear to the designer and from which he draws inspiration. These goals represent the essence of versatility and the continuous desire to have more without ever being satisfied, this is Never Enough. The garments are very detailed and “urban” in style and suitable for those who feel they have a restless and cosmopolitan spirit.

“The world is our home and charisma is our fragrance. No matter what, we do it in style. We know that the key is in the details. Our philosophy is based on the art of living with a certain savoir fair. Never Enough is the dimension for people from the bon vivant. Those who wake up in Hong Kong to work and go to sleep after a glass of Porto in Lisbon. Those who roll up their sleeves with style and spirit. Those who sleep little and love a lot, because life is Never Enough”

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