Monolab starts from a principle of realization of fragrances that have a concentration of essences without equal in the world, which is 30 percent. These are particular fragrances with a decisive character that conquer the soul from the first splash. Creating the scents that can identify the wearer, making the combination of fragrance and leather unique and inimitable, is the brand’s mission.

From the intuition born in a mono product laboratory in 2014, in Italy, Monolab comes to life: a project based on the creativity of emerging noses who, rather than signing themselves, entrust their most intimate confession to each olfactory realization. The nose does not remain anchored to any particular ingredient but is carried away by surprise and submits to emotion. These are intense “eau de perfume” that tell passions and obsessions and that enclose the vast universe of atmospheres of inestimable value.

The brand has carved out an important position in high-end niche perfumery due to its reduced diffusion compared to the more common ones and is characterized by the use of innovative raw materials of the highest quality worked with completely artisanal processes. This makes all fragrances one of the most sought-after products in the luxury olfactory market and those who choose to wear a Monolab fragrance tend to intensify the expression of their essence, leaving their signature and track in the air.

“Perfume is the basic fashion accessory, it heralds your arrival and prolongs your stay”

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