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Telling about Marc Point and his collections is like going into the plot of a film, it feels like listening to its sounds and smells. His collections represent a story, the result of a story lived, thought, imagined, very intimate, first written and then scripted through the colours, the fabrics, the textures and the shapes. Telling the brand is as if we were talking directly about the designer because it totally represents him. His imprint is undoubtedly a Retro Avantgarde style, as the garments and costumes take inspiration from an era between the late 800s and early 1900s and his constant exercise is absolutely to update everything in an avant-garde key. His obsessive attention to details, cuts and colours is surprising, but the fabrics he uses to give life to his stories are above all surprising. The latter are created exclusively and sought after in the most disparate places in the world, they are material, full-bodied, washed and treated fabrics. His love for matter is unique and his relationship with them is predominant.

Marc’s stylistic imprint appears nostalgic, romantic, a tailoring idea that finds in the avant-garde outlets a precise and unique image. It also surprises his vision of colours, his proposal is never predictable and repetitive and with the dark tones typical of the avant-garde mix and proposes unusual patterns and colours characterized by dusty tones. Marc’s training path is complex, born in the world of image and art and then approaching the world of fashion again at a young age, first in the world of accessories and subsequently in clothing at prestigious brands. In 2006 he began a personal journey by creating his own Marc Point Venezia brand now distributed in the best stores around the world.

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