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Born in 2018, Mala Milano is an artisanal avant-garde handcraft hats brand. Unique pieces are created and characterized mainly by its charming, sophisticated and elegant design, which mark the brand with its uniqueness creation. The brand’s goal is to reinsert in our contemporary culture the beauty of hats and giving this antique accessory a much more modern and cooler look.

Refinement and spirituality combines each other in a mix of expressions not only with the collection itself but also in the logo of the Royal crown. As a matter of fact, is the Crown itself the real theme of the brand, reason why, the name takes its origin from the Indian mala, made of grains and used since ancient times during prayers and meditations.

Throw its well-known and influential crowns, the first collection of Mala Milano is a walk throw history. A historical revival turned into modern art, where materials vary from soft luxurious wool and lapin, to more contemporary and sharp-cornered leather and crystals. Queen Mary I of England, known as “Bloody Mary” is the inspiration of this iconic product of this season. This extraordinary creation brings a truly leather crown, overlapping the structure of the hat. The collection includes also leather fringes, crystal studded crowns and personalized shapes to make the product unique and special.

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