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La Haine Inside Us was born in 2017 in the heart of Bologna with the idea of ​​transporting an irreverent, bold and uncompromising concept on a new collection with unique pieces that explore new processes and details. From years of experience in tailor-made workshops and from a unique intuition of his creative, an avant-garde collection with a dark taste comes to life, where all-black shades, overlapping fabrics and breaks never left to chance take over.

From a great research on shapes and fabrics, refined garments are born in which asymmetric cuts, contrasting stitching, multi-zip, satin laces and studs are just some of the features of this brand. The predominant colours in all the collections are the black, grey and laminated silver that carry the dark and dark soul of each of us, a real “way of being”.

To date, the proposal of La Haine Inside Us is a fusion between street wear and avant-garde and thanks to its rapid rise we can find the brand present in the best fashion weeks and international fashion events between Paris, Milan and Berlin as well as in the his beautiful headquarters in Bologna.

“It is hatred, an emotion that is part of the genetic heritage as human beings. It’s within us, latent, quiet, asleep. But there is. A tear, a wound, usually awakens it. He never has a non-violent origin. It feeds on itself and if fed it grows out of all proportion, causing lacerations and even deeper wounds than those that initially triggered it“

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