The story of Gall begins in New York, in that mix of cultures and synergies that, between nightclubs, universities and professional life at a fast pace, is at the beginning of a constantly evolving creative scene. Chiara, and Justin, she Roman and he American, started a bit like everyone, starting from a passion in designing clothes for themselves to feel the need to be able to make them available for others, thus transforming their creativity into a concrete project.

The difference is certainly their background, her passion for tailoring inherited from her grandmother and his experience in the world of graphic design, as well as a series of communication, production and distribution choices that led Gall to grow exponential in just a few seasons.

We then move from the first capsule collection consisting of only ten t-shirts sold online in 2013, to a real total look collection spring 2015 where all the pieces were unusual, with different prints and an extremely avant-garde allure. In the following seasons Gall continues its evolution by focusing on increasingly exclusive designs and in search for high quality raw materials.

The creations are actual armour capable of making the contemporary people feel stronger and more confident in this silent war that surrounds us. To reinforce this concept, the creators of the brand make use of the most advanced technologies: garments made with super technical fabrics, always selecting new fibbers and treatments and adding details to accentuate the aggressive character of the clothing with references to a futuristic military aesthetic.

Gall always creates garments that offer resistance, comfort and mobility to the wearer. The collections are entirely produced in Italy and we can find them in the best international fashion events such as  Pitti in Florence and the Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris. The presence of the brand on the media level is also very strong with various interviews and presentations on Vogue Italia and the most accredited fashion portals on the web.

Gall is synonymous with hostility, animosity and resentment. Elements that we all fear or face at least once in a lifetime. However, after colliding with Gall, a person can take advantage of these experiences, rather than relentlessly weakening. By channelling this continuous motivation and philosophy, the designer combines modularity, dynamic forms and innovative fabrics to create distinct collections that are always anti-nostalgic and projected into the future. With each collection, Gall tries to challenge and evolve daily norms, pushing at the same time the search for innovation and modernism within fashion.

“A life without Gall is not lived”

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