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First Aid To The Injured started to come to life in early 2012 when a small group of people passionate about the fashion industry noticed a gap in creating dark clothes. Everyone shared the common belief that there was no more accessible brand that could still offer high-quality and aesthetic products able to compete with the existing high-end alternatives in this specific way of dressing.

Driven by enthusiasm and passion, they have thus designed an avant-garde collection with a strong and sharp design, paying particular attention to creating products with a touch of comfort more than those already on the market. First Aid To The Injured has an androgynous basic wear line with a monochromatic base that strives to achieve a refined everyday look but at the same time comfortable with garments that are easy to match with those already present in any wardrobe. The details of every single piece are very accurate to the minimum detail, like the edges, the special finishes and the unconventional shapes placed side by side with a controversial graphic. The brand offers a wide range of jersey clothing ranging from t-shirts to trousers through knitwear and coats.

First Aid To The Injured as a long-term goal, not only the purely stylistic goal but rather aims to make a difference for the poor and suffering people. That’s why part of the profit of each item sold is destined for different projects all over the world, helping in one way or another people who really need it.

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