Demobaza: no one can control the real love! There is a twist of creativity between Bulgarian post-socialist spirit and the extraordinary futuristic dream and it is called Demobaza. Demobaza is a high-end casual fashion brand created in 2007 by the two designers Demo and Tono, in the name of minimalism and deconstructed philosophy. DEMOBAZA is a project beyond fashion, that works for the creation of a new dimension. This is the natural progress to a new vibration through galactic transition, enlightenment of the soul and awakening of the consciousness. Expressing the concept with a multifunctional re-shaped creations, leads to a natural and high-tech materials which reflects graphically with the electromagnetic field of the planet and the human body. Hallelujiah collection is inspired by the power of consciousness and the notion that no one can control the real love, where the man is seen as a spiritual warrior who walks over through a new dimension where happiness is a natural state of the soul. Join your happiest future with Demobaza collection.


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