Culpa was born from the idea of ​​combining streetwear with the avant-garde, with the cold and austere concept of the brand that translates into a minimalist style reminiscent of northern European fashion. Clean and decisive lines that go hand in hand with a touch of comfort and ready-to-wear, designed for dark techno clubbing and rave.

Culpa is characterized by being multidirectional, by age, style, by a social context with a metropolitan and absolutely contemporary mood. The aim is to give the final consumer the highest quality, refinement, exclusivity so as to involve a vast public in the Culpa project, always selected thanks to the firm and decisive taste as well as a targeted distribution of the brand that takes place through international showrooms located in Milan and Paris.

Culpa therefore has the ambition to become a niche for all those who recognize themselves in the philosophy and in the key concepts of the brand’s style. The typical customer is an urban subject, who lives and frequents the international metropolises by day and the underground by night, which lives dynamically and is free from the preconceptions of “form” and “elegance”. Demonstration of the constant growth of the project is that music stars, sports champions and thousands of users worldwide regularly choose it.

Culpa is “Irreverence”. The manufacture is of high quality and research in techniques, the garments are entirely produced in Italy with absolute prevalence of use of Italian fabrics, sometimes some details are even inserted hand-made.

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