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Cinzia Araia was born in Venice in 1974. Since a little girl, footwear to her represents a mysterious elements present in her DNA. Her father was a well-known footwear industrialist on the Riviera del Brenta. She started her career in the family business and it is from there that for the first time she moved her first steps with international brands working in the field. After graduating in shoes design, she began developing collections for famous Italian brands.

However, Cinzia Araia had her particular vision of footwear and in 2010 to satisfy her creative passion, she debuted with her first line of shoes, launching the anonymous brand. In fact, the creations are the impersonation of the designer and they unleash the concept of libertarian aesthetics and represent a vent to the darkest side of her personality. The secret of Cinzia Araia’s success lies precisely in her ability to create shoes-not shoes, demonstrating how even an accessory of daily use can be transformed into pure design. The breakdown of the structure is its trademark: deconstructed uppers that are often complex and applied with double fittings, unusual cuts and buckle-free closures are articulated on models that are anything but conventional, with a chromatic scale of basic colours that rarely comes out from the strict black. A careful selection of materials and leathers enriches these small works of art entrusted to a craft production exclusively “Made in Italy”.

In her collections, with tendency to Gothic, one can perceive the influence of Japanese avant-garde fashion forms and can be combined with classical styles but at the same time bold for a very urban context. Today, she is a successful designer and admired all over the world, carrying out this composition and decomposition game that makes every season an exciting new experiment. The brand can be found in the best-selected boutiques, where Cinzia Araia’s shoes are ready to give a touch of extravagance and originality to those who choose to wear them.

“I allow myself the luxury of not making forced choices, of not following the rules but rather of writing the exceptions”.

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