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Capote eyewear is a brand born in Ibiza. The mood is inspired by the wild and diverse character of the island where creativity, perseverance, willpower and dreams are blend together with the philosophy of life and its Karma.

The brand is focused on creating artisan eyewear full of personality as well as the island itself and its mesmerizing magic that attract customers from all over the world. The eccentric eyewear frames have refined shapes made up of artisan cuts that reveal the perfection of imperfection. As our soul, each pair of glasses is personalized, different from one another, which makes them unique and extraordinary.

This is how a sophisticated accessory is born, able to express all the extravagant being of a person, complaisant to who wearer it by giving a strong personality to the look of every individual. The spirit of Capote, as already mentioned, derives from the philosophy of life of karma characterized by a simplified and minimalist attitude towards life. To accentuate this vision even more, the brand supports an eco-friendly line based on micro production. It uses craftsmanship using the highest quality materials in order to offer its customers the best possible product ever.

Everything is studied to perfection and any collection is never casual or meaningless. For example, the “BOOX” collection is inspired to black colours and Mayan culture. The designer has named each frame of the collection with the most significant names of the zodiacs, divinities and Mayan signs, due to his passion by this advanced civilization. “THE RUNE” collection, instead, is inspired by the Elder Futhark runes and their ideographic and pictographic symbol of some principles and cosmological powers. The models are named as some runes themselves, for example we find Fehu, Kenaz, Sowilo, Tiwaz, Wunjo, Uruz, Ehwaz, Laguz and Incubus. “CYMATICS” collection finally is inspired at cymatics science, characterized by the observation of the effects of sound and frequency on matter. The term is also used by holistic healing practitioners to describe the use of sound waves to normalise imbalaces and return the cells to their natural healthy state. The name of each model of the cymatics collection originates from a frequency with healing proprieties.

The material mainly used for creating frames is cellulose acetate. It is produced in sheets by the Mazzucchelli Company, born in 1849 in Castiglione Olona, and world leader in the production of this polymer of natural origin and traditionally used to create chassis and frames. Another material widely used in frames is aluminum in combination with titanium and beta titanium. All lenses are certified CR39, a polymer mainly used to certify unbreakable lenses for ophthalmic use.

“Creativity, willpower, perseverance and dreams. We are free souls in celestial bodies, we live on this planet, we break the laws of universe, evolving and leaving a mark on our path “.

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