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Revolution is a concept store characterized by its complete heterogeneity compared to traditional experience of classic clothing stores. We offer to our customers exclusive garments, shoes and accessories with a selection of avant-garde designers from all over the world, with a keen eye at “Made in Italy”. An unconventional style, high quality products and a constant search for unique creations are the basis of our project. We try not to focus on current trends but to convey interest and passion towards an innovative look. Particular attention is given to production techniques, in search of the best fabrics and long-lasting garments, all features that guarantee excellence and uniqueness to stand out from the current mainstream. Plurality of suggestions, fragrances that stimulate senses, a cosy and comfortable environment are features that you can find in our store located in the centre of Monza, a city where the monuments of the past are perfectly integrated with social life. In 2017, facing the challenge of changing traditional shopping, our online store is inaugurated to offer an advanced and exclusive shopping experience to everyone all over the world. The collections currently available in our store are: Army Of Me, Leon Louis, Tobias Birk Nielsen, Primordial is Primitive, Transit, First Aid To The Injured, La Haine Inside Us, Gall, Joe Chia, Xconcept, Demobaza, Nostrasantissima, 139DEC, Marc Point, Never Enough, Puro, Birkenstock, Cinzia Araia, Openclosed, Mattia Capezzani, Capote and many more. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority both in store and online!
STORE: Monza, Via Vittorio Emanuele II n. 49

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